1. I found my favorite fruit at a random Publix the other day! Every person who knows this fruit knows it as a different name. I call it limoncillo, but it’s also called:

    • mamoncillo
    • mamon
    • ackee
    • chenette
    • guaya
    • gnep
    • guinep
    • skinnip
    • genip
    • ginnip
    • kenep
    • talpa jocote
    • canepa
    • quenepa
    • genepa
    • xenepa
    • kenepa
    • knippa
    • spanish lime
    • anoncillo
    • honeyberry

    It’s scientific name is melicoccus bijugatus. We can at least agree that it’s DELICIOUS! If you know of this as any other name — let me know! I’d like to keep a running list, ha!

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    Lol must’ve been at publix sabor
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    Dominicans call it lemoncillos, Puerto Ricans call it quenepas :)
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    love these
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    *screams* why doesnt my publix have any?
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