1. While I was working today, two girls came up to me and asked if they could be on TV. Kids are never afraid to ask this question, and I kinda love that fearlessness about them. I was at the Glazer Children’s Museum’s birthday bash and was getting some kids on camera making chalk drawings. I told the girls if they were to go make some drawings, I’d be sure to get some shots of them.

    They giggled, got some chalk, and plopped down in front of my lens (but not too close that I had to back up). One girl drew a heart and the other wrote “I <3 TV.” She looked up at me and smiled.

    As I was getting my cutaways, they kept drawing. One girl wrote “Love Never Fails” and the other wrote “Be the Role Model You Want to See.”

    I always hear WHAT ABOUT THE CHILDREN and how the kids these days are terrible and awful. They’re selfish. They’re only interested in social media. 

    You know what, I think they’re gonna be just fine.

  2. comedycentral:

    Jon Stewart and Jessica Williams discussed catcalling on last night’s Daily Show. Click here to watch.

    I actually stayed up late enough for The Daily Show last night and was not disappointed. Jessica Williams gives me LIFE. 

  3. The internet is a wonderful place that brings me much joy. 

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  4. ricktimus:

    Neil deGrasse Tyson is not impressed with all your I sexism.

    I literally clapped when this happened. 

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  5. OH MY GOD.

  6. Hope you have a healthy and prosperous new year. I rang mine in with loud Spanish music and ridiculous muscle leggings. 

  7. Finally.

  8. I love, love LOVE Christmas music. But what I love even more than Christmas music is wonderfully modern renditions of classic songs. Like “Silent Night” by Andrew WK.

    Check out some of these others — both covers and originals.

    Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer by DMX
    Merry Christmas Baby by Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band
    Winter Wonderland by the Eurythmics  
    All I Want for Christmas is You by My Chemical Romance
    Yule Shoot Your Eye Out by Fall Out Boy
    Christmas Without You by Dolly Parton and Kenny Rogers

    Of course there are many, many others. These are just a few of my favorites! 


  9. Running from the Cold

    Today, I ran my second 5K race. Everyone runs the Turkey Trot in Clearwater at this time of year, but I didn’t feel like trying to get to over there before the sun rose. So! I found a race that was much closer — the Tampa Y Turkey Gobble 5K. It benefits the local YMCA.

    I signed up for the race about a month ago and figured it’d be a typical Florida morning in November, cool but nice. I was wrong. 


    Your eyes do not fool you — my car is registering a chilling 39 degrees. In Florida!! What was this sorcery? Who turned the heat off in this state? I had never run outside in anything under 70 degrees. The race started at the Tampa Bay Times Forum, so we were able to go inside the box office and warm up in the heat. I saw people dressed for all sorts of weather — some looked like the Michelin man, all bundled up and puffy, and others had cut-off t-shirts and shorts. To each their own.


    We started exactly at 7am. I think the cold may have helped, or I’m getting a little faster. It’s pretty exhilarating to run with hundreds of people. The streets were closed for us, cops and spectators cheered us on. I saw runners encouraging each other, helping one another. Sometimes I cover all these terrible stories for work, and little moments like this remind me that we’re not all killing each other. 

    I finished at a personal best of 36:20 (which I know isn’t incredibly fast, but I’m not incredibly fast). I expected to finished under 40 minutes, if I was lucky. But when I saw the clock ahead of me say “35:58, 35:59, 36:00,” I freaked. That’s way faster than I thought! I started sprinting and I’m sure I was smiling like an idiot. 


    I also passed these guys a few times during the race and I finally got a photo.


  10. kennypowers:

    Hold Up—

    This is everything to me!